SWNA X Kwangho Lee Workshop (Self)
Industrial Design
CG Software
3D Printing

© Work by Kwangho Lee

As a collaboration project with the artist Kwangho Lee, the pencil holder is designed as a 3D-printed object inspired by his work.  This project was done during the internship at SWNA, and was produced as a part of the studio’s exhibition in March 2022.

Personally intrigued by his journey and growth as an artist I was drawn to the change of the knots over the years. The artist explained this as the ‘evolving’ of his skills -

‘The knots were more loose and fluid at first,
but as I developed my skills, the form became more firm and solid.’

Inspired by the flexible lines, which in a way shows the new beginning as a designer where the form is somehow not fully firm, but rather has room to grow and change with experience, I built the concept of “fluidity” and “rawness”.

Wanting to form the sculpture through a process different from the traditional industrial design, I experimented with a few different simulations on Cinema 4D. I eventually landed on a growing pipe form that tangles with each other. Reinterpreting the artist’s well-known technique of ‘braiding’, the computer-generated simulation of knot patterns leads to the form, adjusted to be 3D printed and displayed on the exhibition stand.

Due to the way the 3D printer generated supporters that meet the round form, the pattern on the surface was an unexpected yet unique factor coming from this experiment.

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