Product Design
‘Pocket-able’ multi wireless charger

Pock is a pocket-size portable wireless charger that allows simple expansive charging of a smartphone and smart accessories.


Pocket sized
multi-wireless charger

As wireless charging has become more widely integrated into various devices, the need for wireless charging for multiple devices for one person has increased. Pock is a pocket-size portable wireless charger that allows smartphones and smart accessories by simply rotating the back of the device.

To make a fully portable all-in-one wireless charger, different forms of folding were considered with quick and dirty paper models. After the folding method was narrowed down, I started to make more refined paper models, with consideration of where each part would be located. This was later developed further with quick CAD modeling.

Picture frame

With a hinge-connected leg on the back, Pock allows the users to use it as a standing dock charging station for desk or bedside table usage. The strong silicone on the bottom allows steady standing, alongside a stopper on the bottom of the body to hold the devices.

Solution integrated
with current usage

Since this project was considered for manufacturing, long-term use was crucial. Chargers that had fully built-in watch chargers had many crashing issues throughout time, so by carving out a hollow space, Pock integrates with the original charger, while giving the all-in-one charging experience.

The full charging experience
with just one simple turn.

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