Smart yoga mat that turns stretching into a fun and rewarding game.

Industrial Design

Concept development


Stretching is crucial,
but ‘boring and unrewarding’.

Static and boring
No immediate reward


Game-like stretching experience.

Solelp combines stretching with gaming, giving a sense of accomplishment through missions, points, and visual/sound elements.
Played with the bar, mat, handles, and app, Solelp helps enjoy stretching as an exciting everyday activity.

Posture tracking
and interactive feedback

With the lidar sensors and camera on the bar, Solelp can scan the accuracy of the user’s posture. Based on this analysis, Solelp gives live feedback so that the experience is enhanced to be more active and helpful.

Touchpoints on mat
like arcade games

The LED screen easily guides the placement of hands and feet with touchpoints, and also shows simple indications to help the game such as the remaining time and earned points.

Experience expanded
beyond the mat

The handles are separable from the bar, in an easy-grip size, emitting different colors of light when enjoying the game. With the handles, the whole experience is pushed even further as an enjoyable game, by allowing more dynamic posture checking.

The handles enable even more various stretching poses during the game, by using stretching bands stored inside, and giving feedback through haptic and audible reactions.

App for more inspiration

To enhance the whole game experience, the app provides a list of routines, music, and a guide for stretching, as well as the rewards and personal missions to keep the users motivated. The overall design continues to convey the fun and energetic mood of the product.

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